Oh my god!!11 Prince of Tennis
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Oh my god!11 Prince of Tennis
a crack prince of tennis rp

You have stumbled upon omg_tenipuri, the crack RP for Prince of Tennis.

I mean, I'm sure you've seen all those OTHER omg RPs, right? RIGHT? Like (omg_naruto omg_oversoul omg__yakitate omg_symphonia omgz_sukisho omg_zim) and all those good... RPs... of doom. And Crack.

Once upon a time, there was a data tennis player from Seigaku.

As Sadaharu Inui worked long into the on his new creation, he found the need to call forth an intelligent rival from St. Rudolph. Hajime Mizuki came right away under the promise of a brand new elixer...a juice that would make St. Rudolph and Seigaku stronger. Faster. And the best tennis players in Japan!

Things went along well...when all of a sudden, Proffessor Plu--I mean, Inui added an extra ingredient!


A large explosion destroyed every bit of Inui's brand new Junior Chemistry Set. Luckily, Inui and Mizuki were unharmed...however, the incident was not without it's side effects.

Strange doubles of every tennis player in the district have been sighted wandering around Japan...why, just the other day, we discovered Kaoru Kaidou drowning kittens in a lake with a huge smile on his face. And then, of course, there was that one guy, Akutsu who was bringing dinners to the homeless shelter...


1. This RP is AU. That's not-so-very-complicated-netspeak for 'This Role Play takes place in an Alternate Universe.' Okay, so not really, really. But the whole basis or a crack RP community is to make that the first rule.

2. IC and OOC people rule the roost. IC = In character and OOC = Out of Character. Each character will have one of each. IE: There will be an IC!Ryoma and an OOC!Ryoma. The OOC version of a character is the complete OPPOSITE of how a character would normally be. These can be very fun, as you can make a character out to however you would like.

3. Apply for your character in the first community post, using the application form below the rules. Simple enough methinks. It should take you about two seconds, and that way I can know right off the bat that you've read the rules and that you're serious.

4. Three characters MAX per person. We have to set a limit somewhere. ^^; You may not have the IC and OOC of a character, though. However. The first time you may apply for TWO characters, but you must wait a week in order to nab yourself a third. And if you befriend a mod, they can even reserve a character so you don't have to fret on them getting picked before your week is up.

5. Check the character list to make sure your desired character is free.

6. Post in this post here with your information.

7. Make a journal for your character once you have been accepted, and join the community with that journal (you may also join with your regular journal, if you wish).

8. Please do not fight with other RPers/Members. Violence is bad. It's true.

9. Have fun! ...obviously, right? If you don't have fun, you're fired.

10. Oh. This community is YAOI FRIENDLY. Slash makes the world go round. If this concept squicks you, then by all means, don't kill us.


1. Make a post in your journal pertaining to your characters day. It may start out slow at first, but as time progresses a storyline will form. If need be, I'll get one started.

2. Reply to a character's post as a commentor... as if everyone suddenly got journals.

3. We may eventually set up an AIM chatroom, but I know firsthand that those either may not work out, or not everyone is able to attend. In order to keep everyone involved, please use the journals!


Please fill out this little application of doom and post it as a comment on the first post. You can post it under your own journal name. Do not make a character journal until you are approved.

Your Name:
A Short post by your character:


IC!Tezuka Kunimitsu: lunarsword under naturebuchou
OOC!Tezuka Kunimitsu: melts under tapioca_king
IC!Echizen Ryoma: origami_paper under wanna_ponta
OOC!Echizen Ryoma: pierr0t under sexy_ochibi
IC!Inui Sadaharu: chasingthewinds under _data
OOC!Inui Sadaharu: renabunny42 under girly_juice
IC!Fuji Syuusuke: violeteyedhair under and_so_i_smiled
OOC!Fuji Syuusuke: linen under liketotallyfuji
IC!Kikumaru Eiji: shiya under kikumaru_bounce
OOC!Kikumaru Eiji: madbunni under xxx_black_roses
IC!Syuuichirou Oishi: brightdreamer under oishi_will_help
OOC!Syuuichirou Oishi: chasingthewinds under not_your_mama
IC!Kaidou Kaoru: [Unknown LJ tag] under fssshu
OOC!Kaidou Kaoru: brightdreamer under love__snake
IC!Kawamura Takashi: melts under sushi_boy
OOC!Kawamura Takashi:
IC!Momoshirou Takeshi:
OOC!Momoshirou Takeshi:
OOC!Karupin: renybunny42 under rupin_sama

IC!Tachibana Kippei:
OOC!Tachibana Kippei: _lmn_ under _enlightened
IC!Ibu Shinji: madbunni under wtfsoiramble
OOC!Ibu Shinji: crackfandom under silent_shinji
IC!Kamio Akira:
OOC!Kamio Akira: violeteyedhair under shinjisloverboi
IC!Tachibana An: dropsofgleam under blue_hairclips
OOC!Tachibana An: iku under street_basket

IC!Mizuki Hajime: li_bii under nfu_hairtwirl
OOC!Mizuki Hajime: aka_me_no_ouji under _notgay
IC!Fuji Yuuta: aisutenshi under yuuta_bear
OOC!Fuji Yuuta: jubeichan under yuutakun

IC!Akutsu Jin: fish_twin under __fuckoff
OOC!Akutsu Jin: mojotmonkey under valleyboyaku
IC!Sengoku Kiyosumi: konzatsu under _lucky_u
OOC!Sengoku Kiyosumi: li_bii under leprechaun_sex
IC!Taichi Dan: fish_twin under fairy_taichi
OOC!Taichi Dan: mojotmonkey under tokenuke
IC!Kita Ichiuma:
OOC!Kita Ichiuma : fish_twin under fucking_kangaro
IC!Muromachi Touji:
OOC!Muromachi Touji: li_bii under teh_win_narf

IC!Atobe Keigo: firedraygon97 under ifeelohsopretty
OOC!Atobe Keigo: than under lonely_keigo
IC!Kabaji Munehiro:
OOC!Kabaji Munehiro: shiya under roxxor_kabaji
IC!Jiroh Akutagawa: than under iamsleepy
OOC!Jiroh Akutagawa: oyamadayoh under orangeinsomniac
IC!Ohtori Choutaru: morphiria under ___ohtori
OOC!Ohtori Choutaru: akakurogin under scudservice
IC!Shishido Ryou: shengyin under my_own_tennis
OOC!Shishido Ryou: _lmn_ under duckncover_
IC!Hiyoshi Wakashi:
OOC!Hiyoshi Wakashi: tokkitsu under supa_piyo
IC!Oshitari Yuushi: aka_me_no_ouji under _mebachiko
OOC!Oshitari Yuushi: andisaid under 00oshitari
IC!Gakuto Mukahi: crackfandom under acrobaticjumper
OOC!Gakuto Mukahi: suboshiyui under clumsy_mukahi

IC!Amane Hikaru: ishoku under da_bide
OOC!Amane Hikaru:

IC!Yukimura Seichii: shadows_in_mind under _purple_dream_
OOC!Yukimura Seichii: suboshiyui under bitchy_buchou
IC!Sanada Genichirou: akakurogin under gsanada
OOC!Sanada Genichirou: caffeineaddict under cutey_genchan
IC!Marui Bunta: oyamadayoh under gummygenius
OOC!Marui Bunta: yami_no_neko666 under cake__is__evil
IC!Niou Masaharu: than under d1_trickster
OOC!Niou Masaharu: lexarose under kawaii_masaharu
IC!Kirihara Akaya: andisaid under _kirihara_
OOC!Kirihara Akaya: chibiynm under fluffy_akachan
IC!Yanagi Renji: makaioh under 100percent_da
OOC!Yanagai Renji: tokkitsu under renji_ushi
IC!Yagyuu Hiroshi: ishoku under gentleman_callr
OOC!Yagyuu Hiroshi: morphiria under poor_popular_me
IC!Jackal Kuwahara:
OOC!Jackal Kuwahara: makaioh under natty_dreds_mon

IC!Kajimoto Takahisa:
OOC!Kajimoto Takahisa: ishoku under yoga_kaji
IC!Tanaka Youhei:
OOC!Tanaka Youhei: iku under flowertennis

IC!Kevin Smith: crackfandom under kevin_hatesyou
OOC!Kevin Smith:

Have fun, everyone, and don't hesitate to leave a comment or email one of us~! We like fixing mistakes because if we don't more people will laugh at us and poke fun and that makes the emotears flow. o-o;
+Your insane mods: chasingthewinds, li_bii and fish_twin