This is just a notice to all the rp comm's that I'm on that I may be on hiatus for the next two weeks. Work has gotten worse and we're getting very busy. I may not be on quite as long as I'd like. I'll try to update, but if I don't, that's why I haven't ^^;; Things should calm down after the first of December. If you see me on and want to log, just poke me and we can start an LJ comment log, I should be able to handle that ^^;;

Sorry if you see this notice multiple times! XD

clumsy_mukahi and bitchy_buchou


I was, uh, planning on dropping Marui and ooc!Jirou anyway, but now with Mandii leaving, I'm going to have to let go of ooc!Kev too. :/ I really haven't done *anything* productive in this RPG, and I never come to the chats, and I don't know many people. X.x;

So, uh. Yes! If anyone would like to take up any of these bois, just email or IM me for the password. Feel free to use the icons too. :x

gummygenius Bunta Marui
orangeinsomniac = ooc! Jirou Akutagawa
_blondebimbo = ooc! Kevin Smith

AIM: tenguharuka
email: beautifulsena @ hotmail dot com

Thanks a lot! ♥
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OOC Introductory post

If this is ok, if not just delete it.

Hi~ *wave* I'm Shu-chan and I'll be playing your sarcastic OOC!Sakuno. Any one who is willing to put up with her caustic attitude wants to RP with her is welcome to contact me on unchanged angel (for AIM) or

That is all ♥
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Fat again

Wedding tonight!

Wedding tonight guys! 10:00 PM Central time, OOC discussions in clubpexxx (as usual), and the wedding will be in omgtenipuri. Come ready for fun! And party crashing. Whatever your character feels like doing. :DDDD
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Fat again

Wedding anyone?

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The date is flexible. That's just the soonest time Kimli and I could come up with, knowing that there's a lot going on right now in everyone's lives. Otakon is this weekend, school is starting... ect.ect. It's most important for at least Inui and Mizuki to be there. Also, we'd like for An to be the maid of honor and Yuuta to be the best man. Sooooo. Those people at leasxt need to attend.

By the way. Fujiko was only supposed to invite family. Which for him is like 30 people. So then he started inviting their friends. And everyone else. Cos he didn't want to make anyone feel left out. :D He's very excited.


I came back from vacation a week early on Monday, and after a few days rest, I'm ready to RP~ I know I haven't contributed much, and I do have less than a month to complete my summer homework, but I will make some time for RPing :)
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